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We want all our guests to have a fun and great experience in a safe and relaxed environment at The Fun Drum. We have some terms & conditions to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our customers - big and small and our staff. Please read and accept the following terms & conditions before visiting us at The Fun Drum

1. General Terms & Conditions

1.a All children must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult at all times. The Fun Drum do not accept responsibility for the supervision of children.

1.b Only children who are under 4'10" or 148cm in height and up to 12 Years Old may use the play equipment. Children over this height and age may play at the discretion of the supervising staff.

1.c If you or your child are unwell we do not advise a visit to The Fun Drum. If you or your child has experienced sickness or diarrhoea, please do not come to The Fun Drum for at least 48 hours after the last episode of vomiting or diarrhoea.

1.d Children should wear shoes in the toilets, be accompanied by an adult and wash their hands before re-entering the play area.

1.e Play is restricted to 2 hours. Exceptions apply at the discretion of the manager.

1.f It is forbidden to smoke, use electronic cigarettes or play with fire anywhere within the play centre.

1.g In the interest of Health and Safety, please ensure that any food debris which falls on the floor is picked/wiped up as soon as possible. Report any spillages to a member of staff.

1.h Report all accidents to a member of staff to ensure that we can provide any necessary assistance and minimise the potential of re-occurrence. These will be logged and are an important part of on-going safety audits.

1.i All damages to The Fun Drum property either accidental or deliberate must be reported to a member of staff.

1.j Nappy changing and the use of potties etc. should be conducted only in the baby changing room. Place nappies in the correct bins provided.

1.k For Health and Safety reasons, only food and drinks purchased at The Fun Drum may be consumed on the premises.

1.l The Fun Drum team supervise the play equipment and help maximise your children's enjoyment from the play experience, however they are not a replacement for parental supervision. Parents/Guardians should note that whilst every consideration has been given for the safety of children using the play centre, The Fun Drum cannot be held responsible for accidents which occur as a result of children playing on the equipment!

1.m The Fun Drum accepts no responsibility or liability for any of your belongings that are either lost, stolen or damaged at the premises.

1.n We do provide free of charge lockers for your belongings and you are more than welcome to use them at your own risk, however we do not accept responsibility or liability for any of your belongings that are either lost, stolen or damaged at the premises. Keys for the lockers are available at reception for a deposit of £1 which be be refunded to you on return of the key.

1.o If your child, any member of your group or you see anyone being physically sick, cutting themselves or has any other accident involving loosing a bodily fluid, please make a staff member aware immediately so we can assure the area is cleaned and correctly sanitised.

1.p We strongly advise our customers to wash their hands on entering The Fun Drum, before eating, after using the toilet and leaving The Fun Drum. We advise you and your children to wash your hands every half an hour whilst at The Fun Drum.

2. Play Areas

2.a Please remove shoes before entering the play area. Socks must be worn at all times. In case of a problem, contact reception or a member of staff.

2.b Badges and jewellery are strictly forbidden in the play areas. Spectacles should only be worn if used with a retainer and shatter proof lenses.

2.c The Fun Drum advises parents/guardians to make sure their children wear long trousers/leggings and long sleeves in the play areas and have their
tops tucked in to prevent friction burns. Crop tops are not recommended.

2.d Clothes with ropes and cords should not be worn in the play area.

2.e Children are only allowed to play in the play area appropriate for their age. At The Fun Drum we have got
three play areas:
- 0 to 24 Months old
- 2 to 5 Years old
- 6 to 12 years old.
These are in place for the safety and enjoyment of all children so please make sure your children play only in the appropriate for their age play area. Any child playing in the incorrect area will be asked by a member of staff to leave that area immediately. Failure to comply with this policy may result in the family being asked to leave The Fun Drum.

2.f Please make sure your child/children do not play in front of slide exits to avoid collision.

2.g No sharp objects may be taken into the play area.

2.h It is forbidden to climb on the netted walls or the system structure.

2.i No food, drink or chewing gum should be taken into the play area.

2.j Balls should not be removed from the ball pit for health and safety reasons.

2.k Children must go on the slide one by one, never head first and move away from the bottom of the slide straight away.

3. Behaviour

3.a Fighting, bullying or using offensive language will not be tolerated to fellow guests or staff members. You will be asked to leave the play centre immediately without a refund. This rule applies to both adults and children.

3.b Parents/Guardians are responsible for the behaviour and well being of the child in their care and must maintain supervision at all times.

3.c Report any behavioural concerns to a member of staff. Don't attempt to intervene yourself.

3.d Balls or other objects should not be thrown at each other.

4. Drop Slide

4.a Only children between 6 and 12 years old are allowed to use the Drop Slide.

4.b The children must wear long sleeves, long trousers/leggings and long socks to be allowed to use the Drop Slide. Tops Must be tucked in. Crop tops, dresses, skirts, trainer socks are strictly forbidden. Please note, the Drop Slide is a lot of fun, but can be extremely dangerous and cause serious friction burns if appropriate clothing is not worn and the rules are not followed.

4.c Only one person can use the slide at a time and must wait before the previous user has exited the area.

4.d Children can not go down the Drop Slide head first or on the side. They must go down feet first.

4.e It is strictly forbidden for anyone to push/drop children down the Drop Slide. Everyone going down must do it on their own when they are ready for this.

4.f Parents/guardians are not allowed to go on the Drop Slide with their children.

4.g We reserve the right to refuse access to the Drop Slide if we believe the child is under the age of 6 or over the age of 12, not wearing appropriate clothing or breaking any of the Drop Slide rules.

4.h The Drop Slide is only open at management's discretion.

4.i The children must keep their arms crossed in front of their chest when going on the Drop Slide.

4.j No jewellery or glasses are allowed on the Drop Slide.

4.k Sharp objects, food and drinks are not allowed on the Drop Slide.

4.l Running up the Drop Slide is strictly forbidden.

4.m Please stay away from the Drop Slide when it's closed. Playing in the Drop Slide area is not permitted.

4.n Placing any objects in the Drop Slide area is strictly forbidden.

4.o Parents/guardians of children using the Drop Slide must declare any physical conditions and medical impairments that may be detrimental to the child's health in using the drop slide. We will not be held responsible for the consequences of a child using the drop slide where pre-existing or existing medical conditions have been un-declared.

5. Parties

5.a All parties can be only booked for 2 hours.

5.b Payment in full is required when booking your party. This payment is non-refundable even if less children attend your party.

5.c Parties can be cancelled up to 3 weeks prior the party. If cancelled within 3 weeks we can only offer 50% refund or reschedule for a different date if available (£20 rescheduling fee applies).

5.d There is a minimum of 12 children per party. including the birthday child/children.

5.e We must receive final numbers at least 7 days before your party. Please email this to

5.f We can only guarantee 12 reserved adult seats for parties of up to 20 children.

5.g We can only guarantee 20 reserved adult seats for parties of up to 40 children.

5.h Private parties start 45 minutes after we close. No other times are available for private hire.

5.i The party host is responsible for setting up the party tables and dining room, welcoming the guests and taking the children's food orders, serving the food and drinks and cutting the cake. The party host is not responsible for entertaining the children, adding extra items to the party bags etc.

5.j Birthday cakes and other outside food and drinks are not allowed to be consumed at The Fun Drum in compliance with Natasha's Law.

5.k The parents/guardians have to agree to The Fun Drum's full Terms and Conditions.

5.l Sparklers, Flaming cake fountains and any other combustable items are strictly forbidden. Candles are permitted but they can only be lit up by the party host.

5.m We advise everyone to arrive at least 20 minutes before the time the party starts. If you and your guests arrive late we can not extend the party time.

5.n Everyone must leave the play centre promptly at the end of the play session. We will make an announcement about 5-10 minutes before the end of the session to invite the kids back to the table to collect their party bags. Please make sure they all put their shoes on and are ready to leave to allow us time to clean and prepare for the next session so no other parties are delayed.

5.o Decorations, banners, balloons etc are not allowed to be attached to any surfaces (chairs, walls, windows etc). If you would like to bring any decorations that don't need to be attached to anything you should let us know in advance so we can decide whether they would be appropriate or not, however if we do agree for you to bring extras for the party it is your responsibility to make sure you remove them and take them away at the end of your party. You can bring your own party tableware (tablecloths, napkins, plates, cups) as long as you bring them to The Fun Drum by the day before the party but not if you bring these at the start of your party as the tables would already be set up.

5.p We provide pre-filled party bags which are included in the price of the party. The items in the bags may vary and are usually colouring set, puzzle or a little toy suitable for both boys and girls. If you'd like to add any additional items to your party bags, you are more than welcome to do so yourself. Our staff will not be allowed to assist you in doing this due to time constraints. You will be allowed to add item towards the end of the party when the party bags are available at reception. We will not accepts any responsibility or consequences for the items added to the party bags.

5.q All our general T's&C's apply. Please read them carefully on our website By booking a birthday party with us you agree that you and your guests will follow all our Terms & Conditions.

6. Electric Cars Race Track

6.a Shoes must be worn at all times in the Race track area.

6.b Entering the Race track whilst the cars are being used is strictly forbidden.

6.c Only enter the track if you intend to use the vehicles.

6.d Children must not play or run on the track.

6.e Pushing the vehicles around the track is forbidden.

6.f Children must be supervised at all times.

6.g Only one child is allowed to use the vehicle at any one time.

6.h Only one adult per vehicle on secondary seat to assist a child allowed.

6.i Do not get off the vehicle if it is in motion.

6.j Do not get off the vehicle if other vehicles are in motion.

6.k Only children over 6 years old are allowed to use the vehicles on their own. Children under the age of 6 must be accompanied by an adult.

6.l Bumping/pushing or reckless driving is not permitted.

6.m You must only drive one way around the track.

6.n You must always drive in a safe manner.

6.o No drinks or food allowed on the track or cars at all times.

6.p No long dangling clothing/accessories are allowed on the track at all time.

6.r Please do not remove the track side "decorations" (tyres, traffic cones etc) or play with them around the track.

6.s Please do not drop any litter in the track area.

6.t Please report any faults or breakages to a member of The Fun Drum immediately.

6.u Please remain seated whilst on the cars. Riding the cars standing up is not permitted.

6.v Failure to obey the above rule will result in you being asked to leave the track immediately.

6.w We can not or will not accept responsibility for any accidents or damage that may occur due to the above track rules and regulations not being followed or lack of adult supervision.

7. Arcade and Ride On Machines

7.a Children must be supervised by an adult at all times whilst using any of the coin operated machines.

7.b No food or drinks allowed whilst using the machines.

7.c Please only insert the correct coins as advised on each machine.

7.d Climbing on any of the machines is strictly forbidden.

7.e Children must sit at all times whilst the machines are in motion. No standing up or more than one child per seat is allowed.

7.f No kicking, hitting, shaking or damaging the machines in any way is allowed.

7.g No aggressive behaviour towards fellow riders will be tolerated.

7.h Please report any faults or damages of the machines to a member of staff.

7.i Do not get off the machine if it is still in motion.